What does Code Customizer do?

Code Customizer allows you to add custom CSS, JS code. Especially, you can add custom HTML to any page from your store by defining ID or Class. Our app will allow you to add Custom HTML before or after this element.

How do I install Code Customizer?

Installation is automated, you do not need to do anything as our app will automatically insert any code required into your theme. After install, you can start using by adding a customize CSS, JS, HTML and it will work on your theme.

How much does it cost?

Code Customizer support 2 plans are FREE and PREMIUM. With the free plan, you can add custom CSS to your theme. With a premium plan, you can add custom CSS, JS, HTML to every page from your theme.

The cost for the Premium plan is 10$ ONE TIME PAYMENT, it's just a coffee cup to cover the server fee. :)

Does Code Customizer have a free trial?

As I said in previous question, YES...and you have 3 days

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact us on the app page or email directly to support@ecomfy.io. Resolving your issues and answering questions are top priorities for us. A member of our support team will follow up with you within 01 business days at most, preferably 12 hours.

Can I give a suggestion to improve the app?

Sure, we are truly grateful if you could give us some ideas that would be useful to traders. We will allow you to use the app for FREE as a thank you for your time and contribution to the application.

Do you provide any warranty?

Unfortunately, this is a free app, so we can't provide a warranty. You can uninstall the application if it fails to solve your problem.

What do I do after uninstalling the app?

By default, after you uninstall the application, we cannot automatically delete the code in your theme, so you will need to disable the app first before uninstalling it.

What will happen after my trial ends?

All your HTML, CSS, javascript codes were created still applied to your theme. The only note is you won’t be able to edit them.

What will happen if I uninstall the app?

After you uninstalled the app, all your HTML, CSS, javascript codes were created still applied to your theme. If you want to resume the subscription, just reinstall the app, and you can continue to edit old custom codes without any problem.

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