Reapply custom codes after published new theme


Code Customizer support reapply custom codes when you changed to a new theme.

With a new theme, your old custom codes maybe not work with it. Because of that, Code Customizer will automatically disable the app after you published a new theme and notify you with a warning message on every page:

In order to reapply all your old custom code, please follow these steps above.

Re-enable app

First step, you need to re-enable app by navigate to Settings tab, and click Enable app button:

After app enabled, the warning message will disappear:

Now you can be able to enable CSS, javascript or HTML.

Re-enable CSS, Javascript

To re-enable, you can click Enable custom css button to enable Custom CSS, click Enable custom javascript button to enable Custom Javascript. Or you can go to specific tabs (Custom CSS, Custom Javascript) to enable the theme.

Re-enable HTML snippets

By default, after you published a new theme, all HTML snippets will be disabled automatically. to re-enable them, follow these steps:

Re-enable Custom HTML

In Settings page, click Enable custom html button:

Or you can go to Custom HTML tab, click Enable custom html button:

After enabled, you can see HTML snippet management interface appears and all HTML snippets disabled:

Review again and re-enable snippets

Click to each specific HTML snippet and carefully review again and update it to makes it work as expected for your new theme.

After updated those snippets, you can re-enable them by click on checkbox:

And click Enable snippets button. After that all your snippets will be enabled:

Or you can go to snippet detail page by click on it's name:

In status section, choose Enabled and click Save button at the bottom of the page. After that your snippet will be enabled.

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